• Christmas Printed Tape

    4.64 (3.77 excl. VAT)

1. Christmas Printed Tape

Add some festive cheer to your Christmas Gift packaging with our Christmas printed tape 🎅.
The natural kraft paper tape has a self-adhesive backing and will help you give your e-commerce packaging a festive makeover!
The tape is Eco-friendly tape, easy-tear, and overall, is a high quality kraft paper tape!

  • STP Hexi Wrap Set

    256.90 (208.86 excl. VAT)

2. STP Eco Wrap

STP Eco Wrap is a protective packaging material that is intended to take the place of plastic-based products like Bubble Wrap.
It comes with a dispenser that you can use to wrap your products quickly and easily.
Rolls come in three colours and can be ordered individually 🎄

3. Die Cut Boxes

Our Die-Cut Boxes are the ideal sustainable solution for all your e-commerce shipping this Christmas.
The boxes come in a wide range of sizes, and they are also available in White.
The boxes will help you give a special feel to your shipping with a perfectly fitting box and looks great with our Christmas Printed Tape! ⛄
Custom print our boxes with your brand or logo to add a personal touch to your packaging.

4. Compostable Mailing Bags

Compostable mailing bags provide a professional and environmentally friendly postage option.
These smart, sleek opaque black mailers look the part and are easy to use, thanks to a handy peel n’ strip for quick closure.
Printed with the words ‘COMPOSTABLE for a better world’ and a compostable leaf motif.
Suitable for domestic composting and providing a cost-effective postage solution this festive season 🎁

  • Eco Loose Fill – 4kg bag


5. Eco Loose Fill

Compostable, Sustainable, Recyclable Loose Fill. It’s made from GM-free starch and is completely compostable. It is both reusable and recyclable. The Eco loose fill offers superior protection and is odourless and dust free! Check out our Instagram post to see it dissolving in water ♻

All the above products are available to purchase on our online store! Check them out here ➡ https://www.stppackaging.ie/