Make the switch to these 5 products to make your packaging more sustainable.

Times are changing. Sustainability and environmental awareness are paramount in today’s society and marketplace, increasing the importance of recycling and waste reduction. The advancements made in sustainable food packaging in the last 10 years has been incredible, with Irish companies like Down2Earth Materials leading the charge. We feel that the

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STP Spotlight: HP Nutrition

Now that January's over, so are many people's fitness resolutions. All those gym membership cards are gathering dust in our wallets and the healthy eating plans are being replaced with the takeaway menu. Luckily, we have HP Nutrition to keep us on the straight and narrow. Their online store is

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Retail Bags for Every Use!

As you already know, we are the packaging experts (not to brag or anything!). We supply everything from packaging machinery to tapes to safety knives to bubble wrap. Oh and we also offer expert machinery servicing with our very own engineers. But we are so much more than all of

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