With the ability to print full colour images, illustrations and text, printed bags are one of the most valuable marketing tools a business can have.


Why use Custom Printed Bags?

For any business who are aiming to continuously promote their product or service, Custom Printed Bags should always be considered as part of the marketing strategy. As well as adding perceived value to the products or services you offer, printed bags allow your customers to help promote your business(whether they realise it or not!) when they carry a bag with your logo and details away from the premises.

  • Printed Bags Deliver your Business Message Clearly
  • Printed Bags Confirm your Credibility
  • Printed Bags Connect your Target Prospects Emotionally
  • Printed Bags Motivate a Buyer
  • Printed Bags Concretes User Loyalty



STP’s Printed Bag Types Include:


Printed Luxury Paper Bags


  • STP offers printed paper bag options to suit all budgets, requirements and practicalities. Materials include virgin white and brown kraft papers with handle types including flat tape handles, twisted paper handles and machine applied rope handles.

Printed Polythene Bags


  • Polythene bags are strong, elastic, weather resistant and odourless. They are a highly effective way to advisertise your business with up to 4 colour printing and 100% coverage.

Printed Cotton Shoppers


  • Custom printed, natural cotton shopping bags are a way to promote your business in a more environmentally way. Cotton shoppers are robust and highly durable as well as often being a more cost-effective option.

Printed Budget Shoppers


  • Our Budget Shopper is the perfect item to make your promotional budget work harder for you. This great shopper is reusable and water-resistant, plus it’s made from recyclable 80gm non-woven polypropylene, making it even more eco-friendly! Available in four fantastic colours.

Printed Carrier Bags


  • 100% Natural cotton carrier bag with short handles. They are extremely cost effective and have excellent brand promotion possibilities due to their often-repeated use.

Printed Cotton Shoulder Bags


  • 100% Natural cotton carrier bag with long handles. They are extremely cost effective and have excellent brand promotion possibilities due to their often-repeated use.

Printed Jute Bags


  • Jute bags are ‘Bags For Life’ and are manufactured using sustainable jute fabric. These bags are an environmentally-friendly option, and are another popular choice for resusable bags.

Printed Carrier Bags

  • paperbagsFor businesses involved in the food and catering industries we offer a range of custom printed options to suit all budgets, requirements and practicalities to help market and promote your business. Typically used by sandwich bars, coffee shops and restaurants we offer custom printing on a range of paper bag sizes.

Printed Premium Rucksacks


  • Convenient and lightweight polyester rucksacks with drawstring handles. 1 colour print by silkscreen or multicolour print with transfer print. Wide range of bag colour options available.


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