One of the fastest ways to securely pack products in plastic is to heat seal them, however, the process of heat sealing isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. Some of the common issues that can occur while heat-sealing your products are:

  • Inadequate heat-sealing causing leakage or deterioration of the contents
  • The seal is crisp and broken due to excessive heat or pressure
  • Bag warping after sealing as a result of insufficient cooling
  • The exterior shape of the heat-sealing surface is unclear (unclear knife marks)
  • Poor heat-sealing strength

Here at STP Packaging, we source the most user-friendly and efficient heat sealers to help you tackle these issues with ease.

First, we have the hand-operated impulse heat sealers. These heat sealers consume less power, extend the life of the element, and decrease the chance of damage or harm between cycles.

  • Impulse Heat Sealers with Cutter


Thicker and laminated films may warrant the use of a constant heat sealer, which, as the name implies, has power flowing through the element at all times.

  • Constant Heat Sealers


Below is a demonstration of our easy-to-use impulse heat sealer that will make heat sealing your products a walk in the park. It is available to purchase on our online store: The Hacona Type C Heat Sealer.