Are you tired of your goods getting damaged in transit?

Are you looking for more eco friendly and sustainable packaging options?

Then our STP Go Green Protective Packaging solutions can help.

These sustainable products will not only have your goods arriving in the same condition that you sent them out, they will reduce the amount of wasteful packaging used and save you money.

We have been working hard to source and supply certified sustainable protective packaging solutions to replace traditional packaging that is harmful for the environment.

1. E-Commerce Die-Cut Box Selection

We have a huge selection of boxes in all shapes and sizes.

Find the perfect fit for your goods and products.

Made from sustainably sourced materials.

Available in kraft and white or custom brand for your business.

2. STP Eco Wrap

STP Eco Wrap is a protective packaging material designed to replace plastic based products such as Bubble Wrap.

100% natural paper making it fully recyclable and compostable protective material.

The unique honeycomb design keeps the product in place making the transportation safer.

Padding: Putting an end to damaging as the hexagonal cells makes mesh web that sticks to a product efficiently.

Multi-purpose Paper: The design basically cuts the need of using any other void fill material. Making this product very well able to take place of everything you need, so you save time and money.

Eco-friendly: It is just a specially cut paper, the most reusable, compostable and recyclable material on the planet. Something even your customer would be proud to see being used.

Quick and Easy: Simple, quick to use and you don’t need a cutting tool to cut it, as it is easy tear and strong enough to hold your product at the same time.

  • STP Hexi Wrap Set

    256.90 (208.86 excl. VAT)

3. STP Paper Padding Box:

Paper filler included with a cardboard dispenser. A simple, cheap, and easy to use solution that will allow you to secure the shipping of goods in a carton.

The box contains a roll of recycled paper that slides out of the box. It can simply be kneaded, rolled in a circle, and fill the free space in the carton.

The small size allows the solution to be used both in large companies and in small packaging points.

The paper is ecological and aesthetic.

  • STP Eco Void Fill

    35.46 (28.83 excl. VAT)

4. Padded Envelopes

Eco Friendly Corrugated Padded Envelopes. An alternative to the traditional bulky padded mailers.

Protect your goods in transit sustainably.

These envelopes are fully recyclable, waterproof, FSC certified and made from Sustainably sourced paper.

These can be fully customised for your business or brand.

  • Corrugated Padded Envelopes


5. Postal Tubes

Protect your posters, maps and documents in transit

Reusable and recyclable

Made from high-grade recycled board

  • Cardboard Postal Tubes


    Out of Stock

6. Compostable Bio Tape

As Ireland’s leading supplier of printed packaging tape, having the first certified compostable self-adhesive tape is something we have been working on for quite some time.

We wanted to wait until we had a product that we could stand over and one that had all the relevant industry certifications. Introducing our new Bio Tape.

It is made from 90% renewable materials and is bio based, meaning that it not made from fossil resources. It has a natural rubber adhesive that is made predominantly from renewable resources.

It is EN13432 certified. Meaning it meets the industrial composting regulations in Ireland and the EU. This means that when commercially composted it will break down into nutrient rich soil in under 90 days, turning your waste into a resource.

Other certifications include ASTM D 6400-04, AS 4736 (2006) and ISO 17088 (2012).

It is strong and robust, has excellent immediate tack and adhesion on various surfaces, has low elongation and is easy to tear by hand. Temperature resistant: from -30°C to +70°C short term (after application at room temperature)

A “90% Natural Material” printed Bio tape is available too.

  • Compostable Bio Tape (Clear)

    4.43 (3.60 excl. VAT)

7. Paper Tapes

Natural kraft tape with solvent self-adhesive backing.

We are also the only company in Ireland that has the ability to custom print on this paper packaging tape. We can start your order from as little as 72 rolls.

  • Paper Tape – Self Adhesive

    2.96 (2.41 excl. VAT)

Talk to one of our STP Go Green team today and they can provide you with a free consultation on ways to make your packaging solutions more sustainable.