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Bolt 2.0 Stretch Film Dispenser

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Magnet Set for BOLT 2.0 Dispenser

Snap your Bolt onto any metal racks, which is commonly found in your workplace or even the forklift.

Introducing Ireland’s most efficient manual stretch wrapping dispenser. Bolt 2.0 is made for consistent, fast and fatigue free wrapping.

Note: Film not included. Get your stretch film for BOLT 2.0 here

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Product Description

BOLT was designed to make hand-wrapping pallets as easy as possible! It pairs perfectly with the Flexlite30 stretch film, one of the most sustainable films on the market!

  • Faster wrapping
  • No more film snapping
  • Bottom plate and magnets for increased efficiency.
  • Easy installation & film refresh
  • Torque limiter for specific forces
  • Wrap to the bottom of pallets

Bolt Features


  • Magnet Set for BOLT 2.0 Dispenser

    42.62 (34.65 excl. VAT)

Pre-Stretched Film


Included with this dispenser


Included with this dispenser

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