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Eco Loose Fill


Compostable, Sustainable, Recyclable Loose Fill

Bag Size: 15 Cubic Feet / 420 Litres

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The chips surrounding the product provide high-level shock and impact protection for your goods, which eliminates breakages.

Superior performance for all products; from delicate fine china and sensitive electronic equipment to heavy mechanical components.

  • Made from GM Free starch and is 100% compostable (EN13432)
  • Reusable and recyclable.
  • Disolves in water
  • Superior protection
  • Odourless and dust free
  • Made from sustainable raw materials
  • Low cost per cubic metre
  • Proven not to attract rodents
  • Eco Loose fill can be composted at home or in municipal facilities.


Eco Flo Loose Fill Polystyrene Loose Fill
Made From Plastics? ✘ βœ”
Compostable (EN13432)? βœ” ✘
Annually Sustainable Raw Materials? βœ” ✘
Fossil Fuel Based Raw Materials? ✘ βœ”
Energy Efficient Manufacturing? βœ” ✘
Recyclable? βœ” ✘




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