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Evolution SoniXs MP-6 T-VA

Automatic Stainless Steel Strapping Machine
Uses 12mm polypropylene strap and 9mm strap

Note: Strap not included with the machine

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  • Corrosion-resistant ultrasonic sealing system with electronic self-calibration
  • High-end Standard 6 sealing system
  • Easy accessibility and tool-free disassembly of strap way components
  • Wear-free DC drives with integrated electronics
  • Stepless turnable operation panel for many-sided operation
  • Adjustable strap tension via potentiometer
  • Switching from maximum to material-friendly Eco-speed in the control
  • Quick strap coil change
  • Strap coil changeable from the front and the side
  • Automatic strap threading system
  • Strap end detection with ejection of remaining strap
  • Automatic strap loop ejection
  • Extremely low energy consumption
  • 4 castors, 2 of them lockable (Ø 80 mm)
  • CE marking inclusive conformity declaration
  • Soft strapping selectable for sensitive packages
  • Machine completely corrosion-resistant (main use of
    V4A stainless steel)
  • IP 56 protection class design
  • Sensitive components (e.g. motors) are equipped with additional covers

Technical Details

up to 50 cycles / min. using 5 mm strap

Standard machine PP straps: Width 5 – 12 mm, Thickness 0.4 – 0.63 mm
The machine is adjusted to one of the mentioned strap widths.

Strap coil dispenser:
Core diameter: 200 mm
Core width: 190 mm
Max. outer diameter: 430 mm

Voltage: 100-240V, 50/60 Hz, 1L+N+PE
Power consumption: approx. 0.2 kW

Sealing unit:
Standard 6 unit

200 kg

Frame size (WxH):
600 x 600 mm

Working Heights:
820 mm to 925mm
730 mm to 835 mm (optionally lower working height)
820 mm to 1025 mm (optionally increased working height)

Variants and Options

  • Pneumatic hold-down device
  • Table extension
  • Automatic adjustment of the strap tension by package height detection
  • Balls or rollers in the table plate
  • Lowering chassis H = 730 mm – 835 mm
  • Manual strapping release via additional fixed or flexible foot pedal
  • Automatic strapping release via light sensor
  • Strap end detection with signal in the control panel
  • Parameter control panel for setting strapping Parameters
  • 4 castors
  • Signal light
  • Signal exchange via 16-pole contact

Installation Available

Note: Finance is for machine and equipment not packaging and materials.

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