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Moving House Packaging Kit

65.00 (incl. VAT) (52.85 excl. VAT)

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The Kit Includes:

5 Large Double Wall Boxes
5 Medium Single Wall Boxes
1 Bubble Wrap Roll
2 Tapes
2 Rolls of Fragile Tape
1 Tape Dispenser
1 Cutter Blade

Double Wall Boxes × 5

  • Color: Brown
  • Min. Order Size: 1 box
620 x 440 x 600 mm

Single Wall Boxes × 5

  • Color: Brown
  • Pack Size: 1 box per pack
432 x 331 x 305 mm

Bubble Wrap - Standard

  • Small Bubble Wrap ideal for cushioning and protecting your products.
  • Can be cut into various lengths at no extra costs and can also be perforated to certain lengths on request.
  • 100 metres per section.
500 mm

Hotmelt Tape - Hand Held × 2

  • Recommended for carton sealing machines
  • Low temperature storage
  • Suitable for all type of carton box surfaces
  • Long-lasting strong adhesion
  • Easy unwinding
  • 28 micron polypropylene

Core diameter: 75 mm
Size: Width (mm) x Length (mtrs)

Price per 1 Roll

48 mm x 66 mtrs


Using Printed Message Tapes is an essential method of communicating handling instructions to package handlers.
  • Hot-melt Tape
  • Highly visible message
  • 75 mm core size

Width: 50 mm
Length: 50 mtrs
Material: Polypropylene
Type: Hotmelt

Price per 1 Roll

10359 in stock

Standard Tape Dispensers

Hand held dispenser for self-adhesive packing tapes

50 mm

Cruze Cutter

  • Finger and thumb rests in optimum position for all hand sizes
  • Wider more comfortable body profile
  • Embossed body for enhanced grip
  • Large thumbnail cutter pierces tape seals without damaging carton contents
  • Slitter blade for plastic strap and stretchwrap film cutting
  • Slitter blade recessed within moulding for greater safety
  • Curved leading slitter edge prevents snagging
  • Eyelet for lanyard attachment
  • 1 knife per purchase

69 in stock

Insufficient stock

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If you’re moving to a new premises, our Moving House Pack has been put together to help make the process a little easier!

Product Contents

5 Large Double Wall Boxes
620MM (L) X 440MM (W) X 600MM (H)
Double Wall Box

5 Medium Single Wall Boxes
432MM (L) X 331MM (W) X 305MM (H)
Single Wall Box

1 Bubble Wrap Roll
500MM (H) x 100M (L)

2 Tapes
48MM x 66M
Clear PP Hotmelt Tape
Code: 2005

2 Rolls of Fragile Tape
Hotmelt Packaging Tape
Code: IPTPP0003

1 Tape Dispenser
Code: PG50B

1 Cutter Blade
Cruze Cutter
Code: CX3


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