Bags on a Roll

Bags on a Roll

Polythene Packing Bags on a Roll

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  • For easy storage and tear-off dispensing.
  • Narrower sizes supplied in handy small coreless roll packs whilst wider sizes supplied on 75mm cardboard core.
  • Food Grade
  • Available in various sizes and thickness

Product Description

Product Specifications

ROLL57LD5 X 7125 X 175 Coreless in 500's12010000
ROLL68LD6 X 8152 X 203Coreless in 400's1208000
ROLL79LD7 X 9 175 X 229Coreless in 250's1206000
ROLL812LD8 X 12203 X 305Coreless in 200's1204000
ROLL1015LD10 X 15254 X 381 Coreless in 100's1201000
ROLL1620LD16 X 20406 X 508Coreless in 50's120500
ROLL2024MD20 X 24508 X 610 With core in 50's250250
ROLL2436MD24 X 36610 X 914 With core in 50's250200
ROLL3648MD36 X 48915 X 1219With core in 50's250100
ROLL5090MD50 X 901270 X 2286 With core in 20's25040

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