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Robopac Helix 4 Evo

Helix 4 EVO combines the performances of previous generations with the innovative characteristics of Robopac’s EVO rotating arm stretch wrappers.

  • Output Capacity up to 90 P/H
  • Cube Technology
  • Easy Lock System
  • Installation & Training Services Provided
  • Finance Options Available
  • Service Care Contract Options

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It has evolved with a view to reducing maintenance time and operating costs, adopting innovative solutions such as replacing chains with toothed belts, bearings lubricated for life, a high accessibility to improve ergonomics and speed in the parts replacement and a reduction of energy consumptions.

The modularity of the groups that compose it allows a wide versatility of use even in the presence of large pallets up to 2500×2500 mm (98×98 inches), being able to be equipped with the Top Inside covering device as a post installation upgrade, with minor modifications; the machine can also be equipped with a jumbo film reel with a larger diameter for greater working autonomy.


  • S-Pattern: Lower neckdown, maximum savings
  • Low TCO: Reduced total operative costs
  • Modular Design: Prepared for quick upgrades setup
  • Quick and Flexible setup: Quick and easy replacement of most components. Tool-free sealer parts changeover.
  • Maintenance Friendly: 1-minute worn-out parts replacement, minimized lube needs
  • Fast Installation: Pre-assembled, ready-to-go for fast installation and ramp-up
  • Robopac HMI: Intuitive & easy-to-use interface
  • Hygenic Design: Smooth and neat design for cleaning operations


Standard Technical Features

Pallet Dimensions mm 400×600 – 1220×1220
(min-max) inches 16×24 – 48×48
Max Pallet dimensions mm 2500×2500
XL Version inches 98×98
Maximum Pallet Height mm 2000
inches 80

Reel Features

Film reel height mm 500
inches 20
Max reel diameter mm 250 (Standard)
380 (Jumbo H 500 – Optional)
inches 10 (Standard)
15 (Jumbo H 500 – Optional)
Optional film reel height mm 750
inches 30

Standard Electrical Features

Standard power supply voltage and frequency V-Hz 400-415 ± 5% – 50 ± 1%
Optional power supply and voltage and frequency V-Hz 380-480± 5% – 60 ± 1%

Standard Pneumatic Features

Compressed air pressure Bar 6 ± 1

Standard Equipments



Pre-stretch carriage with double independent motorization, which allows to set pre-stretch ratio of the film from the control panel, with a 100% – 400% range and control system through inverter.

The standard carriage is equipped with a 500 mm/20″ film reel height; optional carriage can be equipped with a 750 mm/30″ film reel height.

Also available JUMBO reel with 380 mm /15″ diameter (height 500 mm/20″).

Containment force with reactive software system based on CUBE TECHNOLOGYTM Level 1, using a load cell.

Pre-stretch and containment force can be set up to 12 different levels inside each wrapping program, with simple adjustments on the HMI

Pre-stretch carriage with double motorisation SSC independent, which allows the stretch film to be pre-stretched from the control panel, with a 0% – 400% range and with control system through inverter.
It is possible to apply up to 12 containment force values on the pallet.
The standard carriage is equipped with a 500/20″ mm film reel height; optional carriage can be equipped with a 750/30″ mm film reel height.

Also available JUMBO reel with 380 mm /15″ diameter (height 500 mm/20″).

The adjustment of the containment force on the pallet is controlled by a PROACTIVE system based on the CUBE TECHNOLOGYTM Level 2.
EXACTLY the right amount of film EXACTLY in the correct position with EXACTLY the proper containment force

Hot plates device to fix the final edge of the film on the second-last wrap using heat.
The film is cut by an hot wire

The sealing plates are mounted on springs to adapt to the surface of the product, and the sealing time can be set from the HMI panel.

Optional system for clamping, cutting and sealing the film, which occurs without contact with the product.

The device works through spring steel (ROBOPAC SYSTEMS patent), with a proportional reduction of the film band. It also include an air blower device to seal the initial edge of the film within the wrapping.
The device is specifically designed to guarantee perfect finishing of the end edge of the film by electronically controlled impulse sealing on constant film thickness.
The final sealing of the film takes place on a mechanical support, accurately avoiding direct contact with the product.

Also available in the version with fixed spring clamp and with horizontal movement to handle various pallet width and for low profile conveyors.

Optional device for clamping, cutting and threading the film without sealer.

The last tail of the wrapping film is inserted into the second-last wrap.

Device for pallet retaining system that apply a vertical force on the pallet during the wrapping cycle, to keep it more stable during wrapping operations.
Used with particularly unstable loads and the upper covering systems (Top Inside/Top Outside).

Available in versions with mechanical movement by means of pantograph system or pneumatic drive.

Automatic system integrated in the structure of the machine for covering the upper surface of the pallet.

Allows a waterproof or dustproof protection of the load.

Horizontal movement realized using timing belt.

The reel is positioned at floor level on dedicated support to facilitate loading operations.

Automatic system for covering the upper surface of the pallet against dust.

It’s an independent structure placed outside the machine, normally installed on the conveyor before wrapper position.

The top of the pallet is covered with the pallet in motion.

The device has electrical system integrated with the wrapping machine.

An electrical crane system (optional) is fixed on the top structure for easier reel replacement.

Optional system to reduce the width of the film to a “rope” and ensure a more effective stabilisation of the load.

Available in 3 versions:


Reduce the film bandwidth from the bottom, creating a small rope that is applied at the level of wood axis of the pallet, while the remain part of film not roped is applied on product.


Reduce the film bandwidth from top to bottom, to create a complete rope that is normally applied at  the level of wood axis of the pallet.

The pallet is wrapped from the bottom up to its top with open band film. The film band is then narrowed from the top along its entire length to create a “rope” and applying the cord in a spiral down to the bottom. The final part of the cycle is carried out with open film.

ATTENTION: this operation involves the “cord” being placed on the product. If the product or its packaging is delicate they could be damaged.


The cycle consists in wrapping the pallet from the bottom up to its top with film in open band to then narrow it from the top downwards forming a double “rope”. The final part of the cycle is carried out with open film. The narrowing movements of the film band can be independent or synchronised with each other.

ATTENTION: this operation involves the “cord” being placed on the product. If the product or its packaging is delicate they could be damaged.

Device to push down the film during the application of wraps on the bottom of the pallet, avoiding the needs of the pallet lifter.

It consists of a tilting roller, operated by an electrical motor. Tilting angle adjustable via HMI.

Device to lift up the pallet in order to allow the wrapping of the wooden pallet.

It is normally used in combination with roping device to guarantee the maximum stability of the load

Available with pneumatic or hydraulic drive.

It is located under the central machine conveyor.

Automatic corner applicator device for the protection of the pallet corners.

It consists of vertical storages combined with vaccum grippers and moving hands.

Thanks to a special control system (ROBOPAC patent) the vacuum grippers are able to “locate” in a fully automatic way the corners of the pallet, without any manual setting or adjustment.

Device for controlling, collecting, processing and filing large amounts of data from installed machines. Through a dedicated access-controlled portal, accessible from PCs or any portable device, you can connect to all machines equipped with the Rconnect system and monitor their performance 24/7.

– Monitor your performance
– Improve your efficiency
– Detect and inspect your line failures
– Remote assistance in private connection without need of company LAN


TPM kit means lower and preventive maintenance and higher productivity.

– Avoid production lines downtime

– Visual control of the machine status

– Faster troubleshooting (optional add-on that helps operators to solve eventual problems)

Easy lubrication operations, red/green colored rings manometers and maintenance schedule directly on HMI with indicators and warnings.

Device to allow the wrapping of lower flaps on slip-sheets with or without wooden pallet.

Thanks to this optional the machines are able to indicate in the HMI the real quantity of film applied on the load.

Installation Available

Note: Finance is for machine and equipment not packaging and materials.

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