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  • Robopac Micra M – Medium Chamber Shrink Wrapper

Robopac Micra L – Large Chamber Shrink Wrapper

Manual Seal and Shrink packaging machines censure, just with one operation, sealing and shrinking on products to be packed.

  • Installation & Training Services Provided
  • Finance Options Available
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Note: Shrink film not included with the machine

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Product Description


  • Productivity up to 300 products per hour
  • Thanks to their high reliability, and ease in operation they have a wide range of applications in a large variety of fields such as: Foodstuffs, Graphics, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Electronics, Toys, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Plastic materials etc.
  • Sealing and film retraction on the product with a single operation
  • Small investment, great reliability
  • Low consumption
  • Ease of use
  • Control Panel: Quick and easy adjustment of all programming and operating functions

Product Specification

Technical Specifications

compared to Micra M Micra L
Production Capacity (Products/hour) 300* 300*
Sealing Bar Dimensions (LxW) (mm) 540 x 390 840 x 590
Manually operated sealing bar with automatic return std std
Impulse sealing system with automatic sealing time adjustment std std
Max working height (with legs) (mm) 940 940
Power Supply Voltage (V) 200/230V 1Ph 50/60Hz 400 V 3Ph+Pe – 50/60 Hz
Installed Power (kW) 3,45 5,2
Current Consumption (A) 15 10
Max reel dimensions (LxØ) L=600 Ø=250 L=800, Ø=300
Film thickness (μm) 9÷25 9÷25

*The indicated productivity can vary depending on the size of the product, the format of the package, the type of film used and the operator skills

Product Dimensions

Max. Length (mm) 800
Max. Width (mm) 500
Max. Height (mm) 200
Weight (kg) 18

Parameters Description

  • Sealing Time
  • Fan time delay after sealing
  • Time of Retraction
  • Lung Temperature
  • 10 Selectable programs
  • Only sealing
  • Sealing + Retraction
  • Sealing + Delayed retraction
  • Sealing + Retraction with specific values for the various parameters

Installation Available

Note: Finance is for machine and equipment not packaging and materials.

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