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Robopac Rotary W

Rotary is the ideal solution for wrapping the particularly unstable products with stretch film.

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Product Description

  • The ability to keep the pallet still and stabilizing products with a rotating arm is often a necessity for many industries.
  • The Rotary family itself as superior quality product in a technological environment important for end-line packaging.
  • This machine has excellent technical and construction and is the ideal choice to run the pallet wrapping reliably and effectively.


  • Variable pre-stretch up to 400%
  • Maximum product dimension up to 1400 x 1400 mm
  • Easy to use 7″ touch screen control panel with cube technology
  • Adjustable rotating arm by the pallet
  • Wall configuration
  • Unstable A/O irregular pallets
  • Ideal for logistics

Control Panel

  • 7″ Colour Touch Screen
  • With cube technology, multi-level control
  • The control panel is the brain of Rotary, here lies the heart of the machine and technology

Product Specification

Technical Features

Arm rotation speed rpm 7÷12
Carriage up-down speed m/min 2,5÷5,5
Maximum product dimensions (LxW) mm 1400×1400
Maximum product height mm 2000 std. 2400/2750 opt.
Film carriage type FR, PDS, PVS
Film stretch adjustable from panel
Film pre-stretch n.a. (FR), fixed 250% std. (PDS), variable 150-400% (PVS)
Power supply voltage V 230 V 1Ph
Power supply frequency Hz 50/60
Max reel dimensions mm 500×300 std. / 750×300 opt.
Max reel weight kg 20
Film thickness μm 17÷35


Innovation and connection for customer service: the tran­quillity of maximum productivity as a result of constant monitoring of proper machine operation.

Powerful, plug & play and user friendly, R-Connect is a “turnkey” system for the end-user: the main advantage is total “peace of mind”, which is absolute tranquillity regarding machine operation, which includes production performance verification and optimisation of all manage­ment costs.

In fact, the system minimises machine downtime and manages maintenance oper­ations better, also providing an immediate troubleshooting procedure, until the full and remote upgrade of the machine’s management software is completed.

Top presser for the stabilization of light products.

The machine can be equipped with an automatic film cutting device that increase the work efficiency in terms of time and makes the operator’s work easier.

Film roping system useful to increase stabilization and containment of the product.

The reel descends from top to bottom thanks to a special electric motor present on the reel carriage.

The height of the film band and the enabling of roping are adjustable through the touch screen control panel.

Installation Available

Note: Finance is for machine and equipment not packaging and materials.

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