Gummed paper tape is made up of two layers of Kraft paper with a layer of natural rubber glue (adhesive) between them. It has become increasingly popular over the last number of years due to its great environmental credentials and its strong and secure packaging performance. Gummed paper tape may also be known as water-activated tape because the natural adhesive becomes sticky when moistened, creating a strong bond with the box it is stuck to.

Why should you choose Gummed Paper Tape?

Gummed paper tape has a vast range of benefits for its user, the tape’s strength being one. When the glue adhesive comes into contact with water, it forms a complete bond with the carton by penetrating the liner, effectively transforming it into a part of the box itself. This may considerably strengthen and secure the package.

Gummed paper tape is manufactured completely of renewable natural resources and is 100% recyclable.  These characteristics allow it to be left on the box and disposed of all together.

The tape’s efficiency is another huge selling point. When used with a tape dispenser, especially an automated one, just the exact quantity of tape needed to seal the packet is delivered.

Gummed paper tape is tamper-evident, Due to the way in which gummed paper tape is attached to the box, any attempt to separate the two results in damage to the carton. Once the tape has been interfered with, it cannot be resealed.

Gummed paper tape is also customisable – It can be custom printed with your brand, and the tape does not stretch or deform which maintains the integrity of logos and bar codes. The use of a single strip of tape for sealing also guarantees that your brand’s image will take centre stage on the box.

How does Gummed Paper Tape work?

Gummed paper tape requires the use of a particular Paper Tape Dispenser. These are available in both manual and electronic models. The manual tape dispenser would be ideal for low-volume users, while the automatic dispenser is extremely efficient in reducing tape waste and would therefore be the better option for higher-volume usage.

  • Manual Gum Tape Dispenser

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